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Force of Nature are KZA and DJ Kent, two long time friends that share the same musical tastes and vision. KZA is a huge vinyl junkie who has acquired an enormous record collection over the years, enabling him to have a wide variety music at his fingertips. DJ Kent, the other side, has been DJing in Japan for many years now and has developed his own unique sound and musical style that makes him one of the most stimulating and respected DJ's in the Japanese dance music scene. KZA and Kent were from the same hip-hop scene originally, the group was called “Yotsukaido Nature” and it leads to the creation of Force of Nature itself, Yotsu means ‘fourth’ which is similar to force, so it was a play on words while also being a name of a Jungle Brother’s album which both loved. They started with a lot of hip-hop influence, and as they started on doing remixes and KZA stopped rapping, naturally their music became more instrumental leading to a more disco sound.
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